It’s great to meet you!

This is Park Lane by CMP. We have fashion, lifestyle, aromatherapy, dining and culture elements. We hold arts exhibitions occasionally. You can find infinite inspirations, find the ones you prefer in your mind and wait for them to grow. You can buy daily goods and find inspirations here. We welcome you here and hope you have a great day when you come.


  • By Car: Exit from Zhongang System Interchange and head toward downtown of Taichung. Turn right on Yingcai Rd. Turn right on Gongyi Rd. and drive 100 m to arrive here.
  • By HSR: Take Free Shuttle 159 (to China Medical University) and get off at Kuang San SOGO Station. Walk about 5 minutes then you will arrive.
  • By bus: Taichung Bus 27 – Calligraphy Greenway (Citizens Square)
    Ubus 81 - Calligraphy Greenway (Citizens Square)
    Take Buses 300-308 and get off at National Museum of Natural Science Station. Walk about 5 minutes toward Calligraphy Greenway then you will arrive.


  • Service Center – B1F
    - Tax refund
    - Baby stroller & Wheelchair rental
  • Locker service
    - Lost & found
    - Public announcement
    - First AID kits
    - Parking validation
  • Restrooms for men and women – B2F, B1F, 2F and 3F.
  • Accessible restrooms – B1F, 2F and 3F.
  • Breastfeeding rooms – B2F.
  • Diaper Change – B1F and B2F.
  • Family restrooms – B1F and B2F.
  • ATMs – B1F and 3F.
  • Free WiFi – B2F-3F.

Tax refund policies

  • Foreign customers must declare their identities as foreign travelers during checkout. They must present their own passport for tax refund.
  • If customers spend more than NT$ 2,000 in one day, they must show their receipts and passports for tax refund in the same day.
  • Customs Administration of Ministry of Finance specifies that catering products, food, specific foods and tax-free products are not qualified for tax refund.
  • After filling out the application form for a tax refund, keep the application form, receipt and the application form for tax refund and bring them to the tax refund counter at customs in 90 days.
  • Do not lose your application form for the tax refund. You may fill out a form to apply for reissuing if you lose the form. Be sure to bring the receipt and passport to the service counter with you. You cannot apply for the tax refund at the customs if you only have the receipt with you.
  • Customers must apply for a tax refund at the tax refund counter in the customs area no later than two hours before departure. For tax-free goods to be carried onboard, customers must apply for the tax refund at the tax refund counter in the customs area before check in.